Thursday, 26 January 2017

Where did they go?

I have ventured out twice today. Newsflash-it's cold outside. There was a delay in getting back as I searched the pavement for my lips which I was sure had frozen off my face. I am also quite convinced that there is now a gaping chasm where my nose used to live. Maybe that's a good thing. I wouldn't feel the need to blow it every five minutes. My nose. Blow my nose. Honestly some people!

So having possibly lost facial features to the season, the other thing that's gone missing is named containers that my son used this week to take ingredients into school. He's got the end result of the cooking class that he forgot to bring home yesterday, but not the really handy sized pots that I use for the minuscule amounts of ingredients necessary to make 6-12 coconut pyramids! Where do these things go? How many kids are there at the school with the exact same name as my son?

I might post a picture of his creation when he gets home. It'll be one of those things that really makes a blog post stand out, vaguely relevant picture of food. I'm sure it'll hold everyone's attention.

I'd say that the only other thing I'm in danger of losing today is the plot, however I think I lost touch with that years ago. Now if you'll excuse me my day job beckons, I have boxes of stock to unpack ready for the next week of business.

Edited to add vaguely relevant picture of food in front of truncated excerpt of my second book.

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