Wednesday, 25 January 2017


My husband is working from home today wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I'm sitting here shivering in two jumpers and contemplating a third pair of socks and a coat. Maybe a hat...I've just upped the temperature on the central heating. Looking forward to him changing into swimming trunks later as a result!

I am currently refusing to leave the house on foot until the pavements have ceased morphing into ice rinks because I'm quite keen on avoiding a gushing head wound and possibly a dislocated hip. Even my usually wonderful walking boots didn't help last night on the way to the osteopath where I was lucky to arrive without adding any more injuries to the ones I already have. It was a close run thing-I must have slipped about 4 times. Why doesn't anyone else have this problem?

We've got a few different things going on this year. One of them is visiting university open days for our daughter who I swear was only 6 years old about a year ago. I'm looking forward to the days out. Even if I'm not looking forward to the ones that cannot supply adequate parking and who are insisting that three guests is one too many. Sorry (not sorry) we won't be leaving our son at home on his own. And I'm good, but even I can't resurrect my parents to stay with him.

Another thing I started this week was an online course in Psychology and Mental Health. It's very interesting. I won't have any form of qualification at the end of it and I should hope not-it's only a couple of hours a week for 6 weeks. Can you imagine being qualified to deal with someone's mental health after that short a time! It was however a course that I could do at the same time as my daughter who has been encouraged to complete a course alongside her A Level studies. Because clearly there just isn't enough work involved in studying four A Levels.

Cossie the fire breathing bearded dragon has come out of hibernation. I have asked her to rearrange the furniture in her home so I can climb inside with her and sit under her heat lamp for a while. For some reason she just looked at me...

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