Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Midweek Special

That's a blatant lie, there is literally nothing special about this post.

I had some free time on my hands yesterday and spent it writing Modified Book 2. Well, I actually wrote the short story that is the basis of book 2 before I even thought about writing book 1, because, you know, I'm weird, it's the sort of thing I do. So I wrote the build up to a point in the book yesterday and then cut and pasted the next scene from the original short story into book 2 and gained an instant extra 2000 words. Very pleased with that-my kind of effort! I also formatted book 1 with a view to doing a print on demand paperback version. However the author only gets a tiny percentage of the cover price of the book-so maybe not. I can't decide.

I haven't checked all news outlets but I've been led to believe that I'm at risk of being snowed on this week. I remain unconvinced, I believe you need clouds for that kind of thing and it's blue sky out there. I am however quite sure that it's probably warmer outside than I feel in the damn house.

This picture is pretty much how I feel most days. Cossie the bearded dragon (that's her-not breathing fire) has emerged from her cave again. I think she's eaten a locust, there's one left. Do I buy more or is she going to go back to sleep again? She was not at all interested in eating worms. Her communication skills require attention. Might buy her a book to study.

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