Friday, 13 January 2017

That other sense of achievement...

...when it's been snowing outside, there's no evidence of grit and even if there was, as a pedestrian it's pointless because they don't grit pavements. Yet you manage to keep an appointment outside of the house despite having a lifelong fear of falling over on icy footpaths. Yeah, did that. Took a bit of time to get over, my hands have stopped shaking. I am back inside now having had my hair cut and coloured violet. Pats self on back.

Below freezing this morning. Icy pavements. Two kids. Younger one with almost a 2 mile walk, left first thing wearing boots with spikes in the heel for grip, uniform, coat, gloves and hat. Older one with over a mile to walk goes out in fashions boots, trousers, shirt and suit jacket. Oh and a pair of gloves, lets not forget to mention the gloves. It makes all the difference. Still, it's over 5C out there now. Practically summer. And no, there will not be any snow left on the grass by the time they get home. Should have made the most of it last night rather than trying to "save it for tomorrow when the schools are closed."

This week I seem to be maintaining the feeling that my bone marrow has turned to ice and that all of my clothes have been stored in the chest freezer for the fortnight prior to wearing. I put more layers on only to have to take them off in half an hour because I'm sweating. Then within minutes I feel like my abdomen has been filled with iced water again. I take all my clothes off and get into bed and sweat my way through the night. This is not what I signed up for in the factory when I decided I'd try the human female option. I would like a refund or the option to come back as a man.

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