Thursday, 5 January 2017

That sense of achievement when... finally finish up the last of the pumpkin and ginger soup that has been in the freezer for the past year and a bit. Still alive.

Next on the list of things to sort out are:

-Open days for universities, which universities to short list and arranging time off to attend said open days.

-Formatting a book for the purpose of being a print on demand paperback. Possibly for the one person who expressed an interest in buying one in that format who probably won't in the long run. A step forward in this process will be confidence that the words aren't all dropping off the right hand side of the right hand page.

-Working-got another business to run and I'm not sure I'm entirely ready for the four clients I've already seen today. I may have got away with that. Just as well as my attempts to turn back time and be ready have thus far failed.

-Figuring out what else I'm having for my birthday. I've got a Himalayan salt lamp and I'm not afraid to use it.

Two exciting things happened today. My box of hair colours ranging from dark pinks through to dark blues arrived. (I'm currently violet. No, not violent, violet. Although if that noise outside the window keeps up who knows.) As did, wait for it, my new Qwerty keyboard labelling machine for work. *squeeee* I now need to put sticky printed labels on...everything.

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