Friday, 6 January 2017

Initiating firing squad...

You can spend hours a day on a specific project and make real headway on it. Knowing that for various reasons, you need to be organised about certain things and can't leave anything to chance, or til later. Today was a day like that. I did really well. I spent my hours researching and organising and felt that I'd done the leg work I needed to do at a time of year when I was able to fit it in. Before work picked up, before ongoing fatigue set in. With regards to fatigue-unless you've experienced it, don't try to dismiss it as a bit of tiredness. It's just not the same thing. You wake up in the morning tired and get progressively more exhausted as the day goes on, to the point where mentally focusing on things is nigh on impossible. Then you go to bed to experience un-refreshing sleep. It's a complete blast.

So, having felt exhausted, but relieved that I'd accomplished what I set out to you can imagine how disappointed I was to have my evening disrupted by a currently ongoing situation that I have no control over. The result, however is a life changing situation. Even though I have no control over it, I am constantly being asked my opinion. Why bother? They're going to make their own decisions anyway and ignore me, so why involve me? I would usually say that I suspect certain sectors of society enjoy causing distress to other people. However I think the reality is that they simply don't care how their actions affect other people. It is not their concern. The only thing that matters is their bottom line. 

One thing I am grateful for is that when I go to bed at night I know that one of my jobs is about helping people, not stitching them up. Yes it's a business and as such I expect to make a profit at it, but I do help people. I'm glad I'm not a member of one of those sectors who have, probably unknowingly, caused me stress for the weekend.

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