Thursday, 5 January 2017

Lessons in Laziness...1

From a blog post on 21st December 2017

It's the run up to Christmas so I'll be brief. (Everyone who knows me would be laughing right now. I'm really not known for brevity.) I am however ahead of the game this year. Presents are bought and wrapped. It's not even Christmas Eve yet! I have baked various things. Some of them are recognisable. The family have eaten most of them, so I'll have to bake more. But on the up side-I didn't poison anyone. And no-one has turned into a zombie, although two of the household are teenagers. I'm pretty sure they're still alive-body parts have not been littering the house as they wander around it. No zombie virus in the mince pies this year. Relief.

I've got one session left tomorrow morning and then my weight loss business will be closed until the New Year.

With any luck over the next couple of weeks I'll have a chance to knock out a few more pages of the second book in the Modified series.

At the point that I win the lottery I will be able to start writing full time. That means the second Modified book will get finished and I'll be able to finish the one about the paramedic and the cop and work on those other two characters that infiltrated my brain a few months ago. So that's next week then. The lottery is on Saturday and I believe it's my turn to win. Isn't it?

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