Thursday, 2 February 2017

How many of me are there?

This morning I either had to remove my right eyeball or sort out my new contact lens. Luckily eyeball removal was not necessary-I'd managed to put my contact in inside out. Easily remedied. Just as well, I'm not sure I have the right implements to remove my eyeballs. I imagine it might be quite complicated.

Yesterday I had the misfortune to be infiltrated by a sloth. I don't know how the sloth got in, but it wasn't very useful. As well as falling asleep throughout the day I felt like this cat:

To be honest I feel like that cat most days, but I'm very good at hiding it.

Today I've woken up a completely different person-although probably still suffering from "mood of cat". The sloth is no longer in residence. I can't actually tell where he's gone, but he's not in the house. I have achieved a few small things. One thing is this graphic for a competition I've entered. (You may praise me on my skills-yes I did take the actual graphic off the web-I write, I do not do graphics-frankly I should have teams of people to do these things for me.)

I did a bit of work for the day job. I also sorted out the banging noise from one of the bedrooms upstairs. The noise was caused by Cossie the bearded dragon trying to break her way out of her vivarium. Usually that means she's about to lay eggs. I brought her downstairs so I could sit on the sofa with her and stroke her back for a bit.  Clearly I am a lizard whisperer because she calmed down. (This is her at a younger age, but you get the idea-up on back legs scratching at the glass.)

And now for my next trick I'll post this blog entry and spend the rest of my life trying to get the photos and the video to work. Like I said-I require teams of people to do these things for me. 

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