Sunday, 26 February 2017

I rant therefore I am

Can someone please explain to me why there are only two days in the weekend? Clearly it's not enough time for a busy working mum to catch up on everything. And I'm not even talking about watching things we've recorded off the TV.

Yesterday I baked biscuits and cakes for the family. Sure, I could have bought them and it probably would have been cheaper too. Shop bought biscuits and cakes tend to get eaten quicker. I'm not sure what that says about my cooking. But, still no-one has died, so I imagine it's fine. 

The next job was looking at cars. I would like to drive distances without my left leg dislocating half way there because of the uncomfortable passenger seat that doesn't adjust in the way I need it to. (Hypermobility Syndrome-in case you weren't aware.) We might have found a car that fits the bill, but that was the first trip of many to the dealership to sort that out.

Then shopping, because everyone knows how much I detest shopping for ANYTHING. I just hate it. I might have had a coffee in the five minute break I got in-between arriving home and starting to cook dinner-dinner that I wasn't eating because I am dieting at the moment and have my own meals sorted out.

Now we come to Sunday and the mission for Sunday was to find school shoes. Naturally you would be forgiven for thinking that you rock up at the school section of the well known shoe shop on the high street, have your son's feet measured and then select a pair of well fitting shoes. Well, no. For a start the school in question has published a list of acceptable shoes on their web site and none of them are conducive to walking 3 miles a day. Let alone walking 3 miles a day with painful joints which run in our family. What's more the school section of the well known shoe shop mostly stocks shoes that don't conform to what the school says are suitable for school. There follows time spent constructing an email including pictures to ascertain which if any of the shoes actually available on the high street would be suitable for school.

Having done all of this and served dinner, which was chicken based and therefore OK for me to eat, it's 6.30pm on Sunday evening and I'd like to start my weekend now please.

Insert many different swear words here...

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