Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Half Term Woohoo

I know some mums might dread half term, but I really look forward to it. Then again I have teenagers who only venture out of their bedrooms to scavenge for food or feed a random pet. What I really like about half term is that I don't have the stress of worrying if I can roll out of bed in the morning to make sure they get to school in time. Even when they were little I preferred the school holidays. Not that I'm up for the challenge of home schooling you understand!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Our plan to buy each other the same card went tits up again this year, although we did pick a similar theme:

Both cards are very accurate! I still think the best Valentine's card I ever saw was on a simple red background with the words "You'll do" on the front.

So what are your plans for this week? I'm sitting here with my feet up about to continue writing a chapter of my book. Sam the degu is running in his wheel. Wherever he's going he's not getting any closer. Crunch the tortoise is busy scraping away at her home trying to dig her way though wood which also isn't going to happen. 

I feel a large coffee is in my immediate future. I hope I remember to sweeten this one, the last one was rank!

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