Monday, 20 February 2017

Interview with author Cecily Wolfe

Today I have the absolute pleasure of interviewing a fellow author. So grab your coffee, sit back and enjoy the insights of the wonderful Cecily Wolfe and I'll try no to get in the way too much.

Tell us a bit about yourself, who you are, do you write full time or have another job and what you do for fun when you’re not writing. (Inside leg measurement, head circumference, shoe size-kidding!)

I am a librarian, and work-full time - yes, I love my job, how could I not? For fun - I read, of course - but I love to bake, swim, and knit/crochet, as well as hang out with my kids. I'm a single parent, and my children and I are very close. We make a great team. 

We seem to make a great mess! When did you first start writing and did you enjoy it right from the start?

I started writing when I was in third grade, and became obsessed with Helen Keller. I read everything in the school library I could find, then in the public library as well. I started daydreaming about adventures Helen must have had with her tutor, exploring her home and the world around her, and wrote them down. I don't have those stories anymore, but I do remember that that was when I knew I wanted to keep writing stories to share with others. 

I too spent some time at school reading about Helen Keller, fascinating woman. Out of the entire process of writing and publishing what do you enjoy the most?

Probably the very beginning, the taking of notes, wrestling with that first draft - learning about my characters and their stories. The story never goes the way I imagine it, because the characters have other ideas, so it is all a mystery to me until it comes out as I type. 

 Is there anything from writing through to promotion and publication that you wish you didn’t have to do?

Formatting! Ugh! Is anyone confident about doing this? 

 Certainly not me! Tell us about where you write. Do you have a dedicated space or are you able to write anywhere?

I write longhand on yellow legal pads when I first take notes and start drafting, so I can sit in my recliner, at my desk, or at the dining room table. I write the 'official' first draft and those after on my desktop Mac with Scrivener, then MS Word, so it's my desk from there on out. 

 Do you have a process or any habits that must be completed before you start writing?

Sometimes I have to clean something. I have a thing about mopping the kitchen floor, and sometimes I can't focus until I do that. Coffee helps too, whether it is in the morning or evening. 

Cleaning-not a thing I focus on. Coffee however is a different thing entirely. Name a place fictional or real that you’d like to visit.

Venice! I hear it smells bad, though, but that really isn't discouraging. So much history, and so much beauty.

 I’ve never been either, it's on the list. Who are your favourite authors and what are you reading at the moment?

Joyce Carol Oates is my favorite living author - right now I'm reading some great indie work, including Ember Raine Winters' Beautiful Delusions and India Adams' Serenity, along with Eva Leigh's latest historical romance, From Duke Till Dawn, and Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake. I read a wide variety of fiction - whatever looks good goes on my TBR list. I make no apologies for my reading interests!

 What music do you like? Who is on your current play list?

I like everything but country (hate me if you will!). I have been listening to Sabrina Carpenter's latest album, Evolution, because it has been inspiration for a lot of the scenes in my upcoming contemporary drama/romance, Reckless Treasure. I have book playlists for all my work on Spotify under ceciwolfe. 

Finally, if you weren’t a writer and you could choose to do anything else with your life what would you do?

A librarian - and I am! Honestly, I would have loved to have been a professional ice skater, but I can't skate. At all. I have a huge emergency room copay with my medical insurance, so I don't even play around at a rink!

Well I broke my ankle ice skating so I avoid rinks too. Cecily it's been a pleasure, thank you so much for your time.

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