Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Stop the world...

I could say it's been one of those weeks. It's only Tuesday. (I think.) I could also say it's been one of those years, but it's only March. Maybe it's just one of those lives!

I went out to buy a toilet rim block for the downstairs loo this morning, couldn't find one, came back with a punnet of strawberries. Not sure how that will work. But I'll run with it.

I started the week with a long list of things that I needed to do all under the heading of wife/mother/work/author. I failed to write the list down. Fatal. Now, as well as losing half my mind, apparently I've lost half my list. But I've gained strawberries. Does that help?

This is where I need to win a serious amount of money on the lottery so I can employ an assistant.

So far I think I have managed to ascertain that we'll be able to get into London for the annual theatre trip, despite the best efforts of the rail company to thwart my plans.

I have remembered that I need to cause an outburst of maniacal hysterics by working out how much it'll cost to replace our bathroom before the wall at the back of the shower cubicle falls down. Add to that the numbers involved in replacing the family caravan with something more suitable for what is in effect a family of four adults. And whereas I have booked in Sam the degu and Crunch the tortoise for their holiday this year, I have yet to secure a place for Cossie the bearded dragon.

I absolutely wrecked my diet over the last few days because we were celebrating my husband's birthday. I've now got a run of a few days to undo that madness before the next birthday.

Speaking of which, there is a possibility of a lunch out that won't break the bank for our daughter's birthday. But I have realised that unless a box of After Eights, a hair widget and a bookmark are deemed exemplary gifts, I have a stunning lack of 17th birthday presents sorted out. I suppose I should be grateful that she at least likes strawberries...

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