Tuesday, 14 March 2017

SEX Now I Have Your Attention

Morning, evening, who knows. I think I'll declare a coffee emergency. There is not enough of it to deal with today. I'm shattered and I haven't done anything yet. It is very grey beyond the dinosaur model standing guard at the French doors. I'm blaming the weather for my lack of energy.

For those asking, Nate and Day, the sequel to Modified is about half finished. Or more. They've just got to the bit where the thingy happens and Widget decides to do the something that means that the other bit has an issue. But it's all OK in the end because the vending machines still work and some people removed items of clothing.

In the mean time I've written a couple of articles for the Navigating Indieworld web site recently. This one is my favourite, naturally. It's kinda clean. Sort of. 

SEX Now I Have Your Attention

Enjoy your articles responsibly.

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