Thursday, 12 October 2017

I see me here, I see me there

I see me bloody everywhere!

I'm spluttering my way through a stinking cold at the moment. I have to admit it's a damn sight better than the throat thing that led up to it. At least now I know I should be OK for the weekend. For a while I thought I was coming down with man flu, which would be a neat trick!

Cossie decided to climb out of her vivarium just as I was about to tip half a dozen locusts in there for her. I don't speak lizard. Unsure of what she wanted, I sat on the stool in front of her home with the arm she'd climbed on in the air until it started going numb. Eventually, I relocated her onto my shoulder and brought her downstairs and sat on the sofa until she climbed off me onto the floor. All she did then was sit there giving me what may or may not be warning signals. I took her back upstairs again to her house, fed her and left her to it because I had appointments booked. Who knows.

Book news: Whilst I have been getting ahead with writing Missing Remnants and Iridessian Haunts for Radish Fiction, I've also been blogged.


Radish Fiction is new and I'm still trying to spread the word.

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