Monday, 11 September 2017

Introducing "Missing Remnants" on Radish Fiction

Hello world, it's been a while, I trust you're well.

Not only am I very smug over that cover-I'm also thrilled with the way the story of Detective Track is shaping up. To recap- I managed to infiltrate Radish Fiction. It's OK, I'm not sure they've realised yet. Authors publish fiction an episode at a time and readers get a bite sized chunk of fiction to read on a weekly basis on the Radish Fiction app. As well as throwing Modified and Nate and Day up there, I am writing something brand new.

A murder mystery set on a space station. I could have set it in London, but I'd only have got geographical details wrong. So I wimped out and set it in space like I always do. There's nothing like my imagination to get me out of doing research!

Here's what my latest character has to say for himself.

"My name's Track. Until they benched me for three months, I'm pretty sure I was one of Si-Cross 4's best detectives. Now they want me to take up knitting or do some self-help course for ninety days while I adjust my attitude. Well, they know what they can do with that idea. There was a dead woman at my front door and they're closing the case already. If they're not going to investigate, I will. About the only thing I have left to lose is my life. They'll come after me and they know I can't outrun them with the chip in my knee, but I have no intention of letting this go. Something isn't right on this station and someone needs to stand up to the Authority. I'll do it, or die trying."

Yeah, bit dramatic, but I love him anyway.

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